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retail solutions

Retail is changing, and The North Unicorn will ride this wave of change. We will introduce the market with newest forms of globally-proven retail methods and technologies. We will bring comprehensive retail solutions that ofer better buying options for consumers; and, new sales opportunities for companies that sell Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCGs).

About us

 The North Unicorn L.L.C is a Limited Liability Company registered in Kosovo during 2018. The company relies on its international expert staff, global partners and consultants in order to operate successfully in the retail sector, and help the region in keeping up-to-date with the latest global trends.


 Our mission is to provide the market with modern retail solutions that use the latest proven methods of execution to facilitate sales of Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCGs).

The North Unicorn will rely on our Technology, Processes, and People in order to bring retail innovations to Kosovo and the region.


 Our vision is to ofer the best shopping options and experiences in the region, and beyond.


Professionalism / Transparency /
Affordability / Wellbeing / Progress

Existing Market Gap

There is a need in the market for consumers to be able to buy afordable high quality staple products at their convenience. Also, due to the large number of brands competing for the same customers it is increasingly harder for brands to sell their products.

Our solutions

In order to fill the existing market need, during the past months The North Unicorn has invested its vast resources, expertise and insights to prepare for launching a discount retail chain in Kosovo, which later will be scaled-up throughout the region.

| For homes, families and individuals who makepurchasing decisions for staple foods and related home products – we will ofer competitive prices at their convenience.

| For brands that want a new sales channel by which they can sell more of their products, then we will provide a large and organized chain of retail stores, with its own distribution capacity, which ensures a stable flow of customers each day.

Project Objectives

Launching the Smart Discount Chain

1.    Utilize international staf and consultants, as well as local teams to finalize launching of stores; invest in preparing brand new stores in Kosovo for the grand opening; and, recruit and hire and train adequate personnel to operate the facilities;

2.  Invest in an efective distribution fleet and facilities; and, a state-of-the-art Enterprise Resource Planning and Management System;

3.  Promote the upcoming brand identity nationally using mass media; and, open new stores throughout Kosovo to welcome customers and begin sales of Fast Moving Consumer Goods;

4. Develop, launch and promote a comprehensive e-commerce solution for web and mobile (Android and iOS); 


Project Execution

Launching Smart Discount Stores


Launching the first chain of smart discount stores in Kosovo and the Balkans is based upon three main pillars, which
ensure the success and sustainability of our project.

These three pillars are our: People, Technologies, and Processes:

  | People

• International Leadership Staf
• Expert European Consultants
• International Partners
• Local Experts
• Experienced Local Support Staf

  | Technologies

• Warehousing and Distribution
• Enterprise Resource Management
• E-commerce (Web and Mobile)

  | Processes

• Globally Proven Methodology
• Intensive Training Program
• Strict Management Policies

Product Categories

 Some of the main categories of products to be sold via our stores includes, but is not limited to the following product categories:



Benefits for Suppliers

    New Sales Channel
    for your products

    Centralized delivery
    in single point


    Stores throughout


    New Sales Channel
    for your products

    Little competition
    in categories



The North Unicorn is open to working together for mutual benefit with serious companies and individuals that can contribute to the success of our Project and facilitate the launching and management of smart discount stores in the Kosovo and the Balkans.



For companies that wish to sell their products via our stores, 
please contact us today at:




For experienced individuals who wish to join our team of retail 
professionals, please send us your CV and Cover Letter at:

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